Basic instructions for using the harmonica transcriptions
>>> YouTube video overview of harptranscripts
  • Download the Transcribe! software. Note There is a 30 days free trial, then you will have to buy the software if you wish to continue using it (I have no affiliation with Transcribe!) At time of writing it costs $39 I suggest you try the software for free with the harmonica transcriptions: you won't regret it
    >>> YouTube video on how to download Transcribe!
  • Download the song you want to learn from the diatonic or chromatic pages. The song will be downloaded as a zip file. Extract the zip file, ensuring both the Transcribe! file and mp3 extract to the same folder (this should happen automatically.
  • Open the Transcribe! file (.xsc) by double-clicking on it, or by opening it via the Transcribe! software
    >>> YouTube video on how to download and open harptranscript files
    Note Ensure the Transcribe! window is maximised, otherwise you might not be able to see the tab.
  • The song should then play, if not: Import the song (via the file menu) downloaded (.mp3) into the Transcribe! program OR drag and drop the file into the Transcribe! program.
  • >>> YouTube video on how to loop and slow down transcriptions
More detailed instructions for using the harmonica transcriptions

Note - basic computing skills are required to use the transcriptions provided. This website will not provide further support beyond the information on these pages. If you're unable to open and use the transcriptions, despite your best efforts, then learning songs using Transcribe! may not be for you. Stick to YouTube :-)

Downloading and opening the songs and tab
>>> YouTube video on how to download and open harptranscript files
  • When you click download next to the song you want to learn(from the diatonic or chromatic pages), a .zip file will be downloaded to your computer
  • You need to extract the .zip file onto your computer. They will extract into the same folder on your computer (you extract it and right-clicking the mouse and selecting 'Extract All' from the pop-up menu. Make note of where you this is! (it may default to a 'Download' folder if you don't specify one
  • You will now have two files in the location where you extracted the zip file: a Transcribe! (.xsc) file, and the harmonica track (.mp3)
  • Open the Transcribe! (.xsc) file first. You will need to have downloaded the Transcribe! software before this works!
    >>> YouTube video on how to download Transcribe!
  • The song should then play (select the play button along the bottom of Transcribe!) If it doesn't: either import the .mp3 file into Transcribe! using File > Import Song File OR drag and drop the .mp3 into Transcribe!
  • You should now be able to see the harmonica tab within Transcribe! If you can't, maximise the Transcribe! window. If that fails, start again from the top of this section.

Using the Transcribe! files
Screenshot of harmonica Transcribe! file

General tab notes:

  • The key of harmonica to play the songs on is shown in the downoad link and inside the Transcribe! file, along with the artist
  • The harmonica tab is shown in the grey text area, below the text "--- Tab starts here ---".
  • Each section of tab is marked on the section below by the number markers. You can loop these markers by dragging the mouse over that section. You can also slow the music down to allow practise at slower speeds before increasing it to full speed.
  • Each Transcribe! file has the first section already selected and highlighted (as shown in the image above). Playing this will loop that section. You can play the whole song by clicking the mouse to the left of the highlighted section.
  • It's recommended to practise wearing headphones, although not essential.

  • Although the tab provided is largely acccurate: the tab markings shown in the transcriptions are just a guide. The idea is you play what you hear: guided by the tab. That's the beauty of learning directly from the recordings. It's a near impossible task to capture all the nuances of the harmonica playing within the tab.

    Sharing the love
    I thank the artists for all these great recordings. I love the songs, having played along with them many many times (and gone through the pain of transcribing their songs!), and I love the artists :)

    Transcribe! Software

    To use the harmonica transcriptions provided on this website requires very basic use of the Transcribe! software:

    • being able to open the mp3 files in Transcribe!
    • and then being able to loop and slow down sections of the Transcribe! file
    Beyond the basics shown in the instructional videos shown above, it isn't the purpose of this website to teach you how to use the Transcribe! software. It's pretty staightforward, but here are some more general Transcribe! video links if needed:


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