Diatonic Harmonica Song Keys

A passion to find the best harmonica songs ever recorded has resulted in a harmonica song collection of over 1000 songs, and led to the transcriptions to dissect some of my favourite tracks.

This harmonica collection is shown here. However, it isn't just a list of harmonica songs. Each song has been hand-picked to enter the harmonica collection, and as such demonstrates quality harmonica playing for a variety of reasons:

  • Just damn fine harp playing!
  • Selected tracks from a certain harmonica player, trying to cover as large a range of players as possible
  • Demonstrating a certain style of harmonica/music

This list is for diatonic harmonicas only. The vast majority of chromatic songs are played on C chromatics

Harmonica positions
Each song is divided into the key of harmonica it is played on, not the key of the song!. The majority of harmonica playing is performed in 2nd position. In some cases (but not all), where the song is not in 2nd position the harmonica position (usually 1st or 3rd) is shown in the list next to the name of the song. This is very useful to learn which songs are played in other positions and practise by playing along with them.

Where To Find The Songs
The vast majority of the albums shown in the listings are available in Spotify.

Harmonica key list

Note I believe 99% of the harmonica keys are correct. A very small number may be incorrect, which I will aim to rectify. In the meantime, please contact me if you spot any errors.
Also, some songs are played in more than one harmonica position, e.g. the player may switch from 1st to 2nd position. In which case the main position used is shown, and the switch is sometimes shown.

The list continues to grow...


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