About this site

"It's all in there, everything you need to know is on the records."
The best way to learn music is to play music. And the best people to learn from is straight from the source: the artists you admire and (obsessively) listen to.

Although not the only method, playing along with records, aka playing by ear, is critical to learning to play the harmonica. It's a tradition passed down over the years.
That is at the heart of this website.

What is on this website?

This website offers harmonica transcriptions, written as tablature into the software Transcribe! played along with the actual harmonica recordings. Follow three simple steps:
1. Download the transcription and harmonica recording from the diatonic or chromatic pages shown on the left
2. Open the downloaded files in the Transcribe! software
3. Follow the tablature in Transcribe! to learn to play the songs
PS. There are YouTube videos you can follow for each song, but this is more limited

You learn songs by playing along and taking the time to memorize all or part of them: a little guidance from these transcriptions helps! I would also encourage you to transcribe songs yourself. It's a great way to learn.

The advantages of these harp transcriptions
  • You play along with the actual recording, knowing where you are in the song at all times
  • You can slow the music down and loop sections
  • You mimic the tone and effects of the player by playing along
  • You don't have to be able to read music (although its always good to learn)
  • The harmonica transcriptions

    Select the link below to see the list of transcriptions currently available for the type of harmonica
    Diatonic Harmonica

    Transcriptions of diatonic harmonica recordings

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    Chromatic Harmonica

    Transcriptions of chromatic harmonica recordings

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    Harp Keys

    Harp Keys: List of the key of diatonic harmonica used on over 1000 songs.

    Harp Albums

    Harp Albums: Some recommended harmonica albums.

    Using The Transcription Files

    The tabs on this site are offered for free.
    Beyond the instructions provided, you're on your own. This requires some basic computing skills.


    Harp Keys

    Check out the keys of harps played on over 1000 harmonica tracks

    >> Harp Keys

    Great Albums

    Recommended harmonica albums for your listening pleasure

    >> Harp Albums

    Contact Me

    For any queries on the transcriptions, or any suggestions for the site

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